Monday, October 5, 2009

21 Days And Counting

I've been jobless for almost 3 days now. It still just feels like a long weekend to me. But now, 4 in the afternoon, having had a busy day cycling around, going to the market, shopping and lunching, I'm starting to appreciate this lifestyle, I could get used to this. One thing i have noticed is how many people are out during the day doing the same! Doesn't anybody work? Why are so many people shopping? Isn't there a crisis going on?

Anyway, no time to worry about that: 21 days and counting, there's still so much to arrange! Vaccinations, Visa's, tic-removers, hang-over cures (it's not called the wodka-train for nothing), Teva's (are these necessary? There must be a reason that even the poorest backpacker walks around in these overpriced sandals), hostels, paperwork, good-bye borrels with friends and so on.

I hope I've thought of everything, but if anybody has a super-must-know-must-have-tip that i can add to my excel-list, then please let me know!


  1. Loving the blog Saf xx

  2. Saff we miss you and hope you're having a FANTASTIC time!!!x Jordan