Sunday, November 15, 2009

Smiling = Stupid / The days in the train

28 Oktober - 1 November 2009
5 nights. 6 days. 3 cabins. 12 bunk beds. Countless noodle-soups. 18 stops. -16°C outside, 30°c inside. Train is ALWAYS on time. A few Russians. 100´s of Mongolians. Numerous marketstalls. Sleep every 4 hours. 12 bottles of Wodka. Hangovers. No showers. 12 rolls of toiletpaper. Card games. Chess. Yahtzee. 4 fried eggs. 7 hours time difference. 100´s of beautiful views. 4 sunsets. 1 sunrise (on Baikal Lake, only one word: WOW!). No smiles...

The one thing we were complaning about was the unfriendliness of the Russians and the staff of the train. I always thought a smile would bring you a long way, but after 5 days of smiling, we got hardly any in return. It was only on our last day that we found out that people in these regions find that smiling too much for no reason is a sign of stupidity, what a sight we must have been…

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  1. Hoi Saf,

    helemaal te gek je blog, duurde even voordat je eerste post had geplaatst maar dan heb je ook wat :) Heel veel plezier en vooral veel blijven lachen,

    dikke kus Sander