Friday, January 22, 2010

The way forward!

13 - 14 January 2010 Laos, Don Det
"Welcome to laid back Don Det! Once a self-sufficient island of Laotians, now tourism is the way forward! Come and tube in our rivers with a beer in your hand and stay in one of our many guesthouses, very cheap! Everything is happy (apart from some locals): coffee, pizzas, shakes, smokes, you name it, it's happy! Hungover? Order a "Hangover Breakfast" and get all the valium you want for free! Rent a bike and hop on to the neighbouring islands, we also do dolphin and waterfall tours all in one day! Come and make friends, some people even stay for over 2 weeks and forget about the rest of Laos. Don Det, the best place to veg-out!"

Don Det was a short stopover for me and some of my travel buddies. It was actually quite beautiful and really chilled out but also a bit surreal and eerie, maybe because I had just read "The Beach". I think if Don Det would have been at the end of my trip in Laos it would have been great, but as I was eager to move on I just couldn't sit still long enough... Maybe next time.

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  1. Hey Saffer,
    First of all I miss you and although I hope you stay and have adventure after adventure want to know when you'll be coming home :), Second looking at your pictures of the karoke bus what on earth are those people seeing you to eat, are they bats on a stick???!!! Third I believe you once had a laugh over my ninja mask I wore when I was motorcycling in Vietnam but you have one too- told ya! You look beautiful and like your having the time of your life, shoot me an email when you can.

    XX Jordania