Saturday, January 2, 2010

Templed out

17 - 20 December 2009
After Pnomh Penh I took a trip to Siem Reap, this is where the temples of Angkor Wat are. In my own personal TukTuk I tooktook a trip to the different temples. Tuktuks are great, they help you cool off between the visits to the temples, and you see your surroundings more than by cycling or walking yourself. It was around 30 degrees, I was surrounded by jungle forests, extremely loud cicades (the chirping sounds that crickets make, when they chirp all at the same time echoing between the temples walls is hard to hear yourself think), temples with huge smiling faces of Buddha and the biggest fig trees I've ever seen (some over 100 m) taking over the temple walls. I also saw the sunrise over Agkor Wat, but this was the only day in weeks it was cloudy, so I actually got to see more of the tourists sitting behind me than the actual temples. Still, it was worth it!

With the 2 guys I met in Vietnam, Maxim and Bas, I made a jeep trip into the countryside aswell and visited 2 primary schools. The jeep had no doors and didn't drive faster than 20 kmph, but I'm not entirely sure because none of the indicators were working. We also discovered that 8 schoolkids pushing the car with no handbreak are stronger that one big Dutch policeman, I'll show that in the pictures.

Siem Reap is a real tourist place, I guess that is to be expected, as the temples are one of the wonders of the world. But it was all quite small and cute and quaint. Although I think they could be a bit more creative with the barnames: Angkor, The Temples, Angkor What? ... that kind of stuff...

It's good to move on though, as after 2 days of non stop temples I am templed out, I need to refresh, and what better place than at the beach. I'm heading to Sihanoukville for X-mas and NY's.

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